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Privacy Policy

As a professional art therapist, I take every possible precaution to protect my clients' privacy. These precautions include; being the only one who has access to my appointment book, e-mails and voice mail. I also leave 30 minutes between clients. This allows me to document but, more importantly, it prevents clients from bumping into each other on their way in or out of my office. I keep my session notes in a locked filing cabinet. Clients can bring their artwork with them or leave them with me. I store art work in a private, locked area to maintain the clients' confidentiality.

There are only three reasons that I would break this confidentiality agreement and they are as follows:

  1. If you are a danger to yourself (suicide threat)
  2. If you are a danger to others (threaten to harm someone)
  3. Subpoena/ Court order

Please keep in mind that, should you choose to receive online counselling, it will be harder to protect your confidentiality. You can help me protect your privacy through privacy settings on your computer, deleting e-mails, clearing your computer's history and using a computer that you are not sharing with others.

I use PayPal to process client payments unless a client pays in cash, in person. PayPal is a safe way to pay for my services through bank cards and/or debit. My company name; Art & Soul will appear on your statement.

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