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Group Sessions

Workshop Themes:


How do I register? 

 You can register by e-mail at or by phone at (613) 863-7685

What methods of payment are accepted? 

You can pay with cash, cheque, paypal, or Visa. Paypal and Visa payments must be submitted prior to the workshop during the registration process.

Fertility Visualization Boards

Our minds are so powerful. Meet other people who are trying to conceive. Explore your wishes and fears then create a visualization board of your ideal outcome.

Birth Art

Explore your excitement and apprehension with other moms and gain some insight and confidence in the process.

Resource: Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz

"Momstown" Art Therapy

Who are you? Are you the same person you were before you had a baby? Through the activities in this workshop, moms create a fresh new identity which includes their new role as a mother.

Resource: The MomsTown Guide to Getting It All: A Life Makeover for Stay-at-Home Moms by Mary Goulet and Heather Reider

Career Transitions

This workshop can be helpful for teenagers who need to think about their future so they can pick an appropriate university/college program, people on parental leave who decide they would like to change careers in order to stay at home with their children, women who have stayed home with their children and are now looking for a way to return to work outside the home as well as employees who have been fired or have become redundant and need to change careers. Find the right career for you through creative exploration.

Resource: I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was by Barbara Sher

"This Way Out"

This workshop helps youth explore their interests and uncover their passions to choose careers that will suit their values and personalities.

Resource: Passwords Vol. 2, "This Way Out" by Anne Walsh

Self-Care for the Caregiver

If you are always busy looking after others, this workshop is for you. The activities in this workshop will help you come up with a balanced plan to meet your own needs as well. This workshop can be modified for a) parents of children with autism, b) families where one member has a form of Dementia and, c) partners of people with P.T.S.D.

Voice Theatre Intervention Program for Parents

 Parents gather and connect as they identify and discuss the daily issues they face. Skits are created to provide a slice of life about each topic and are joined together to form one 45-60 minute play on parenting. The play is presented to other parents and professionals from local resources. A pamphlet is provided to all who attend or participate in this program which lists key resources to deal with all the issues that were discussed during the program.

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